Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creativity - what fun!

Well today has been spent making more nappy cakes. All uploaded to ebay now, so fingers crossed! Been getting the word out a bit more too so hoping that I have some success! Was really happy with the flower pots - I think they are really cute!
Have a few more ideas swirling around my head, just need to see if I can make them work now!

So this is me!!

Well, after spending heaps of time reading other inspiring and often very entertaining blogs, I have decided to start my own. Hoping it will give me somewhere for self reflection and help me work through the day to day stuff going on in my life.

So a bit about me to start. I am a stay-at-home mum who is on the verge of starting an At Home business with a great friend of mine which is focusing on gift-boxes and nappy cakes. In the early stages at the moment and testing the ebay waters and will start the whole market circuit shortly! Feeling very hopeful and excited that this may end up being a sideline to being at home.

I have just taken some time from uni after completing 1st year Nursing and then transferring last year over to Midwifery. I completed half of my Midwifery course, however found the ongoing requirements really taxing on me and the family and by the end of last year was completely over study and the whole idea of midwifery. That may change by the end of this year, however right now I am just enjoying my leave of absence and being around the house without the constant pressure of study!

I am married to Darrian (12 years now!!), a wonderful man and our life together has been mainly wonderful. He is truly my best friend and we laugh alot together! I don't know how life would be without him and I pray I don't have to experience that for a long time.

We have been truly blessed with 4 gorgeous children. Georgia is 10 and is just a fantastic (although at times bossy) daughter and sister. Very mature for her age and a pleasure to have in our family. So proud of all her achievements and there is no doubt many more to come over the years. Riley is 6 and known as 'smiley riley'! From when he was a baby he smiled all the time and this has continued. He loves to have everyone in stitches and is a talented artist - maybe a career in entertaining/showbusiness/the arts will be in his future. Often a handful, he also has us laughing everyday, sort of reminds me of his Dad! Charlotte is 4 and is our 'spirited child'. Truly beautiful but often a handful. She is a child of extremes but life is never dull with her around. I have actually started reading 'Raising your Spirited Child' by Mary Kurcinka today in the hope that it will offer me some strategies on being a better mother to her. I think I will need the help!! And then of course there is Jack who is 2. He is funny, silly, adventurous, loud, boisterious, rough - a typical 2 year old boy really!! He has us in stitches and then pulling our hair out (if he isn't doing it for us) and often cringing when he is yelling at the top of his lungs running around Tea Tree Plaza, drawing attention to himself, but his gorgeous cuddles and love for 'his mummy' make it all melt away. How lucky I am to have been blessed with these beautiful children!

We have a home that is lovely but so much scope for improvement and I hope over the next few years I will be able to do this slowly but surely - just need to pick somewhere to start on it!

We have two dogs living their life in the twilight years with us. Max and Zoe have been wonderful pets and are now 14 years old. They share the back yard with our darling rabbit Toby who has amazed us with his affection and personality! Who would have thought rabbits could be so captivating!

So that is my life in a nutshell! Welcome to me!!