Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sydney Aftermath

Well this is me and Jensen, taken first thing Saturday morning!! I was so nervous and as you can see didn't want to get too close after all the crap they sprouted about not touching them, so it looks really awkward. The weekend was fun but the organisation and quality of the convention was terrible and must have seemed so backward to the visiting celebs. I just hope they are happy to come back for another one next year!
The cocktail party was a great excuse to get dressed up and I think I looked okay. Venue was dodgy as, but the boys seemed to have an okay time apart from being rushed around to groups. We didn't even get to talk to Jared as he missed our side of the room completely but Jensen had a good talk to us. I was so pathetic and got all flushed and could barely talk and when he looked at me and was talking to me all rational thoughts escaped my brain. I must have looked like the biggest airhead. The saying that someone coined after another convention is so true "looking into his eyes is like staring into the soft light of perfection". He is truly a stunning man who seemed very lovely. I had a fantastic conversation with his beautiful girlfriend Danneel, who was just divine and so friendly and after her comments about the food, I really hope they all appreciated the peanut butter survival package that Jamie-Lee and I provided to them! I won't forget the evening in a hurry and sad to say I would love to attend another one, even if it is just to hold a conversation with Jensen to prove that I am not a total airhead!!
Thanks for coming to visit us in Australia Jensen, Jared and Misha - you are all awesome!

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