Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Brain, Cankles, Squished Fly Slice and 4 days to go!

Well baby brain is officially here! I wrote on my calendar that I had a chiropractors appointment today, turned up, went in and saw him but when I came out to make another appointment I realised I was actually a month early! I felt like such an idiot! The receptionist was so lovely when I rang after to apologise and she said she didn't have the heart to tell me that I didn't actually have an appointment!

Getting bigger every day and am so sick of people's shocked expression when I tell them that I still have over 5 weeks to go. I know that I am big (well 35 weeks pregnant big!!) but I am truly over feeling like an anomoly! And cannot wait until I get my ankles back - truly makes me appreciate how slim they actually are when I am not pregnant!

Got the energy to bake a bit this week too and made a yummy squished fly slice (read sultana slice) and some banana cupcakes - not good for the weight gain though, but very yummy nonetheless!

And today I heard from Darrian! Back from 11 days out in the field and only 4 days until he gets home now - YIPEEE! Am missing him more than I could ever imagine and he sounds like he loves it so much that I desperately hope he is happy to come home and get back into every day life.

Well he had better be! He needs to be here for the arrival of his next little man to add to the Williams brood - hopefully around 38 weeks - that would be lovely (are you listening baby!!!)

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