Friday, February 19, 2010

Cankles, knitting beanies and 10 more days and counting until he is home!

Well we are only 10 days out now until my darling husband comes home. It sure has been a real full on experience to say the least!! I honestly believed that I was stronger than I am and have found it much harder than I ever expected! I think the stress has finally caught up with me physically and for only the second time in my pregnancy my blood pressure has been high (the first after a fight with my friend that still hasn't been mended!) and between that and my very large, fluid filled cankles I ended up being tested for pre-eclampsia. Thankfully it was all clear, but I know now I need to try to get my emotions under control (yeah, really easy for a 33 week pregnant lady who is missing her husband like crazy and contending with 4 kids that miss Daddy!!!) to try to look after myself physically. I also need to get over my hate of having a messy house, although I think living in the mess makes me as stressed as the cleaning up makes me tired!!

So, anyway, we are down to 10 days today until Darrian comes home and I cannot wait. I haven't spoken to him for 5 days as he is out bush and it will be at least another 5 until he will even have an opportunity to speak to me - and then he comes home 4 days later!!!

Trying to keep busy, have sewn together a couple of flannelette blankets for baby and finished off my little beanie (my first knitting attempt in years!!). Hope this baby's head isn't too huge otherwise it might be a bit small. My next one will be made just slightly bigger!

I had some stress this week (yes more I know!) trying to work out what to do about a birthing pool as the only time I have tried to use one was with Jack when I was in labour and it amped up my contractions so quickly that I had to jump straight back out. I therefore have been a bit hesitant to purchase one and a lovely friend has offered this week for me to borrow hers! I am so thankful to her as at least I will have it on hand to use if I want to!

So many things to do and only another 6 weeks or so to do them in! Need to start making lists and checking things off - this baby will be arriving before I know it!

Off to do a small amount of tidying and then might hit the couch! A weekend of sitting in front of the airconditioner and watching the V8's!!! Yay!!

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