Friday, January 29, 2010

Alphabet Blocks and growing bellies! Oh and being a single mum for 31 days!!

Since I had the sewing machine that actually works now, I decided to finish off these blocks that I had cut out. They were quite time consuming but hopefully the baby will like them when he is old enough to start playing with them. The other kids have given them a pretty good run so far!! I actually had to put them away as they were getting played with (and grubby) from the other 4! At least it is another project off of my half done list!

And my belly just seems to be expanding daily! Worried about how big this baby is going to be, or maybe just how big I am going to be!! The above photo was taken at 30wks and 4 days so stil ages to go before this baby arrives! A bit frightening really how massive I just may get!

Well as the title suggests, I am now a single mum to 4.75 children for the next 31 days whilst my gorgeous husband is at Kapooka doing his 4 weeks basic training for the army reserves! At the moment it still feels like he is on a business trip and I think that the kids feel this way too as they haven't said much about him not being here. I am sure in about a weeks time we will all start noticing it though! At least once this 4 week stint is over it is much smaller blocks from here on in! and I know he will love it and will be having fun - just miss him already! Counting down the days eagerly and I am sure now that school is back the days will fly by!

Am madly trying to finish the bassinet blanket I am knitting and I think I have given up on the crochet boots - just don't seem to be working right. I might try knitting a block blanket for the baby out of the bamboo cotton blend yarn! It is too lovely to have it go to waste. Might also start trawling etsy for some more patterns of things to make from it! So many projects - so little time!

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