Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The ever growing belly of #5!

Can't believe how big I am getting now. In the 3rd trimester (this photo is me at 28wks & 3 days) and apart from the yucky heat we had over the weekend and a few aches I am feeling not too bad. Baby is very, very active over the last few days which is nice, love feeling him move around. Feeling very big though and cannot imagine how huge I am going to be by the end of this pregnancy! Started having a bit of a panic about birthing this baby and although I am so excited about having a homebirth, there are moments that I question myself on wether I can actually do it! I 'know' that I can as I have done it before, just that whole reality that this baby has to come out at some point is starting to freak me out a bit! Hoping that being able to birth at home will make it much more relaxed and hope it happens overnight so that the kids stay asleep and I don't have to worry about them! Will wait and see I guess, baby will come when he is good and ready.

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