Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Products of a new Sewing Machine!

Well, I got my new sewing machine! Okay it is just a basic Brother machine, however after using the awesome handme down machines that my Nanna and Grandma gave me and both of them finally giving up the ghost after all these years, we decided that it would probably be cheaper to just get a new one. Target had these on sale for 1/2 price so even if I only get a couple of years out of it it will be worth it. So started by making Riley a pair of shorts which I made from a Burda (#9641) pattern. It came in size 6-12 so after finishing Riley's (which he proudly wore all day!!) I then decided to adapt it a bit for Jack. Basically I only had to make them a bit shorter and use the size 6 width etc - he sure is stocky!! I then made this gorgeous skirt for Charlotte from Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt Pattern which is available free online (just google it to get the site!). It was super easy and super quick so I whipped up another one for Caitlan (my neice) whilst she was here! I have a couple of other things in mind I want to try and want to try to find a nice pattern for something for Georgia! It is so nice to have a reliable machine again, really should make some more felt food to put on ebay, but have now started knitting a blanket for the baby. Just winging it at the moment so we will have to see how it turns out! Also have one bootie crocheted and need to finish the other one to make the pair!! So much I want to do but everyday life keeps getting in my way!!

Back to my knitting!

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  1. gorgeous! well done on everything..and when you're pg too! I do love sewing for my kids and that you can just whip something up super quickly!!!